Small time movie producers mooches from downloaders

Movie producers especially the ones hanging around the less shiny side of Tinsel town seem to have found a way to earn money other than the amount they get from the movies that they make. As we all know, downloading of movies from the internet is a form of piracy and is thus punishable by law and would usually involve fines if proven to be guilty of piracy.

Given that downloading of movies have been very rampant around the world, movie producers would definitely earn big bucks from these lawsuits regardless if they have to pick out these illegal downloaders individually.

The problem here is, these movie producers seem to not be really concerned about their movies being downloaded but are actually more into the money that they could get from the fines. Some may say that there really is nothing wrong with that but the fact cannot be taken away that they are flat out scheming. What adds to the weight is that usually the ones they are filing these lawsuits against are teenagers who pretty much do not know how heavy the stipulations could be for them. After all, at such age, when everyone is doing it does not seem to be all wrong and could easily be justified as simply an act of online sharing.

To sum it all up, these small movie producers mean business in mooching as much money as they could from these lawsuits so the youth should be informed to have them avoid the hassle and trauma that this modus operandi could possibly inflict on them.

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